A professional example of WordPress design and development

We have just launched our most recent WordPress site for a regional south east building company based in Brighton: Goldstone Homes.

example of a WordPress website template designed and developed by Nvisage WordPress Developers in Brighton

Nvisage specialise in professional WordPress design and development services for the SME, public and not for profit sectors. We can either take or work with you to develop a brief and create a bespoke WordPress website; or we can take on an existing website where it is not meeting your needs.

Joomla specialist London

If you’re based in London or nearby and are looking for a Joomla specialist for a new or existing site then we are here to help. We are a full service digital agency and have an integrated team covering:

  • consultancy and business analysis
  • user experience, prototyping and testing
  • user interface design and web specific user-centric design
  • responsive and mobile first interfaces
  • Joomla implementation and development
  • digital marketing including SEO, social and PPC
  • hosting, security and support

Below is an example site we have created for the NHS designed for and developed in Joomla.


The site provides a high level of functionality and user benefits including:

  • a high level of accessibility including text size and colour contrast
  • integrated data feeds with NHS direct
  • integrated events calendars
  • extranet for private sharing of content and documents

So whether you are looking for a new Joomla website or you have an existing Joomla website but it’s not working for you or your existing Joomla developer has run out of steam, please get in touch with our Head of Digital Strategy

Clinton Clinton Porter, Head of Digital Strategy at Nvisage  and let’s have a chat to see how we can help make the most of your investment in Joomla.

Joomla web design company London

Nvisage is a full service digital agency specialising in designing and developing Joomla! websites in London and throughout the UK. Example sites we have designed and developed in Joomla include:




Screenshot 2014-05-22 11.44.51

The site for West Park is a promotional website designed to showcase their work within the internal refurbishment and commercial fit out sector. It is built in Joomla and is designed to be modern, accessible and easy to update.

The key requirement was to show to prospective clients, the breadth of their expertise, industry knowledge and commitment to quality.We achieved this through showcasing case studies, highlighting testimonials, and illustrating their in-depth industry expertise by focusing upon the core areas of their business. All content is created to be simple, visual and support the core values of the business.

For any inquiries about creating a marketing website with impact please get in touch with     Clinton Clinton Porter, Head of Digital Strategy at Nvisage or Sandra Sandra Staufer Creative Director, Nvisage

How to create good blog posts for generating business leads

Blogging, we’ve all got to do it right? it’s good for SEO isn’t it? And we’ve all got to become experts and build up a following..

Well maybe. Getting opinions from digital marketeers is a bit like getting opinions from economists; they all have them, they all tell you they’re right, many will disagree with each other, but only time proves who is right and who is wrong.

The aim of this article is to convey as a professional and successful digital marketer what I know works within the context of generating leads for businesses, which is what most business websites seek to achieve,. This article is not about a distillation of SEO techniques or cutting edge Google secrets, it is plainly and simply about applying basic marketing principles to the web that have always worked since the birth of Google and are likely to continue working into the foreseeable future.


Why Blog

There are two principle reasons to blog in the commercial sphere:

  1. As a passion to tell the world about what you think and to build a following. The most successful are very influential and commercially successful
  2. to generate leads for your business

This blog is to outline the simple steps to achieve the second approach successfully. In the real-world, none of us who run a business have the time to be a “thought leader” and create a massive following so you have to make every blog post count.

My philosophy here is simply:

  1. All information is useful, and if it’s useful to you it’s useful to someone else.
  2. So show that someone else that you have that useful knowledge and can help them; don’t keep it to yourself blog it.
  3. Re-use content; If you are creating content that has value make a case study/blog/newsletter/social comment  and point back to your site.

And finally re-use all the information you have no matter how small.


Working example of a lead generating blog post

I’ve just created a blog post on Nvisage about being a  Joomla development company. This has come out of a phone call with a prospect yesterday. They called because they had a need for a Joomla development agency and they found us using Google. They also mentioned how hard it was to find a good Joomla agency as most Google results were one man bands which they didn’t want.

So I created a blog post with this prospect in mind, because where there is one lead there are more who want the same. This is a key facet of blogging for leads, think who you are are talking to and write the blog post for them. Be specific for two reasons:

Although there are fewer people searching for specific phrases

  1. it is easier to get good search ranks for specific phrases and articles
  2. people looking for specific phrases know what they want and why and are closer to making a buying decision

So help them…

My simple rules for effective lead generating blog posts are:

a) identify quickly what the end user is looking for and establish your expertise in that space

b) prove you can back up what you are saying with a relevant case study

c) give a reason for the reader to get in touch

d) give them a call to action so they can now do something.

This process works for me, and it will work for you. I win business exactly where I want to with this approach; in my target sector and for projects i want my business to do.

Of course there are improvements and other things you can do to maximise results further but this is where you need to give us a call and have a friendly chat about our successful digital marketing and conversion services.

If you would like your website to generate more leads for your business just give Guillaume Guillaume Busetto, Digital Marketing Manager or myself Clinton Clinton Porter, Head of Digital Strategy, Nvisage Ltd a call on 0845 094 3331.

Joomla web development company

Nvisage is a full service digital agency specialising in offering expert Joomla design and development services. We’ve been delivering a full range of digital consultancy, design and  marketing services since 1997 and working with Joomla for the past five years.

Successful Joomla sites include our recently launched marketing site for the specialist commercial furniture supplier Spaceist. This is a custom Joomla website, fully designedand developed by Nvisage and currently being marketed via a combination of SEO and Google AdWords.

joomla website design created by Nvisage, London and Brighton

This project required f the following services provided by Nvisage:

  • digital consultancy
  • user experience design
  • digital design
  • joomla CMS development
  • digital marketing to include SEO and Google AdWords

If you are in the process of looking for a specialist Joomla design and development agency get in touch by email or call Clinton on 0845 094 3331 for a friendly chat and advice about the best options.


WordPress web development company

Good WordPress development companies are hard to find. It’s a simple statement of truth based upon the double edged nature of WordPress. One of WordPress’s redeeming features is it’s simplicity of use and ease of setting up a new site. Install WordPress, choose a template, point your domain to it and away you go. Unfortunately many people who’s skill-sets are not much more advanced than this set themselves up as WordPress developers.

Nvisage is different. We are first and foremost a full service web agency providing

  • Consultancy and digital strategy
  • User experience planning and wireframe prototyping
  • User testing and analysis
  • Responsive and mobile first digital design
  • Website development, programming and database creation
  • SEO and all forms of digital marketing

Our raison d’etre is to bring all this expertise together and to put consumers and organisations together on the web. We understand the underlying processes of how to drive targeted and relevant traffic to a website and then get those visitors to do what you, as an organisation, want them to do.

Our significant expertise in WordPress implementation and development is secondary to our core understanding of how to make your website work at maximum capacity.

On top of that Nvisage are a friendly bunch so feel free to drop us a line or give us a call.

Ask for Clinton Clinton Porter, Head of Digtial Strategy, Nvisage Ltd  or Martin. Martin Janes, Development Director, Nvisage Ltd


What should be in an SEO audit

There are any number of individuals and companies out there willing to sell you on-going search engine optimisation and guarantee you positions. So what should you do as an owner of a website to decide who is capable of making your website work harder for you?

A good start is to begin gently with an SEO audit of your website. The aim being to test what needs doing and where the best spend of your time and money is.

This article isn’t comprehensive but will give you an overview of what you need to look out for when seeking to improve the search rankings of your website.

First see your site how search engines do

This means crawling your site or using a Google emulator to understand what a search engine sees when it indexes your site. With this information you can see what the search engine can see, what impediments there are and therefore identify what to fix.


New Umbraco website for Diocese of Lincoln

Nvisage are pleased to have recently won the new website development project for the Diocese of Lincoln. the site will be developed on the Umbraco open-source CMS platform which Nvisage specialises in.

The new website will also use a responsive design to enable it to be viewed in an optimal manner on any tablet or smartphone device.

Other functionality will include dynamically updated pages for every one of the 600+ parishes with parish details and information on forthcoming events.

The Umbraco CMS has been chosen for a number of reasons but chief amongst them:

  • it is very easy to user by non-technical administrators
  • it is an excellent platform for growth as it is an open architecture which can be developed in any direction
  • it is a secure and scalable platform
  • it allows us to develop a members area easily and cost effectively

New website launched for start-up loans company

We have just finished and launched the website design and development for www.yesgrowth.com a new entrant into the b2b loans market for the SME business sector.

Nvisage specialise in website design and development for start-ups and Yes Growth is a typical client.  They have a great offering and a ready market but a new approach compared to existing providers. This required a bespoke approach to developing the website and an agile project management methodology as much of the approach is untested.

A key example is the online loans application process which, in part, integrates with the Experian web service to run an initial credit checking that contributes to the client’s credit rating. Much as Experian is one of the main providers of this service and is a massive business, their integration process has challenges with documentation and setup. It is a testament to the ability and experience of the Nvisage web development team that the service was eventually integrated seamlessly.

The loan application process is a bespoke development and is matched with an implementation of the Umbraco Content Management System (CMS) to enable YesGrowth to manage all promotional content on the site.

If you are a new business then get in touch with Clinton or Martin for a friendly no-cost consultation. We will advise on how to use the web best effect to promote and grow your business. We are a successful integrated in-house team of web consultants, usability experts, designers, developers and marketers.

Umbraco website development in Brighton, Sussex

As established Brighton based umbraco website developers and designers, we have extensive experience in designing and developing umbraco websites for a range of clients across the private, public and not for profit sectors.

A typical commercial umbraco development – Dealogic

Dealogic is a software company providing information platforms to investment banks to help improve their performance. We were originally approached to tender for a SharePoint based website. However we believe this to be a poor choice for website content management and advised to develop upon an umbraco platform instead.

Why umbraco?

To start with the choices were limited to a net platform to enable the in-house IT team to maintain the site. At Nvisage, we have had experience of a wide range of .net CMS platforms from open source to proprietary and without doubt umbraco is the best choice. In fact, for any project that we are able to we will choose umbraco over other open-source or proprietary platforms of any programming language.

Umbraco provides an excellent framework for developing sites on with few barriers or limitations. Other developers of open source platforms such as WordPress or Joomla may dismiss it as not having enough ready made modules. However, this is not a disadvantage as the modules that are available are of a high quality and being .net you have access to a vast array of professional libraries and components.

Yes it can be true that you can develop a site quicker and cheaper with an alternative CMS with ready made components but this in itself has its own problems. the ease of doing this leads many developers with weak skills to be able to overstate their abilities, whereas umbraco tends to be developed by a more professional strand of developer. Purely because more knowledge is required to create the finished product.

And that’s where we come in

Nvisage are a full service Brighton based web agency and have been professional website developers in microsoft technologies since 1997. More recently, after many other development pathways such as being the UK’s leading Ektron developer for many years; we have chosen to base our mid-high range website development on umbraco. Our clients love its ease of use and our developers love its flexibility and scalability. We have developed a wide range of professional websites on umbraco including Dealogic, Waterloo Group, Waterloo Homes and The Curo Group.

How can we help you?

If you have an umbraco site or are thinking of developing in umbraco we would be happy to have a no obligation chat over the phone or face to face. Give us a call on 0845 094 3331 or email Clinton Porter today.