Slough CCG NHS website and Extranet

Nvisage work extensively in the NHS sector creating user-friendly websites integrating data from NHS Choices

We helped produce results

We used WordPress to achieve the best results


The Requirement

The requirement was for a website to communicate with a wide range of stakeholders both internal and external and adapt well to unknown future needs. The organisation was totally new and the audiences were varied. the site needed to act as a voice for the new CCG as well as communicate public health messages to the local public audience.

In addition, the organisation needed an extranet to communicate with its range of internal stakeholders.


The Result

We used WordPress as the CMS platform as it is open source and readily scalable. It also has a very large ecosystem of open source professional modules to easily add new functionality. We have integrated a variety of feeds and widgets from NHS Choices. 

The extranet is readily created on WordPress using a widely used and well supported community plugin.

Create user friendly websites

We create sites that inform, engage and educate within the health sector.

Our NHS websites meet all NHS branding guides as well as take advantage of the extensive range of functionality and information available by integrating NHS Choices Apps.