Spanish Marks is a new start up Spanish language school with a unique offering.

They are based in the UK, targeting the UK audience to learn Spanish with an online one-to-one real-time teacher. However, the teachers are all based in Guatemala to take advantage of the more cost-effective pricing.

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Joomla! platform website with the Moodle facility


The Requirement

The requirement was for a site with three parts; a marketing website to promote the service; an e-commerce element to purchase lessons in an ad-hoc manner or a block booking or a scheduled group booking and a private lesson area for the lessons to be accessed and developed online.


Our Solution

We used Joomla!, for the content management solution because it works well for editing a promotional website and it integrates well with Moodle (using Jmoodle) which is the leading on-line lesson software. We also integrated a video conference tool to handle the direct real-time interfacing between the client and the student. 

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