The Stonewater website was created in ten weeks alongside the re-branding and combination of three regional housing associations.

Stonewater has come into one after being the merger of 3 housing associations. This project was delivered during that process whilst having to accommodate a large re-branding exercise and massive infrastructure changes running in parallel.

Three housing associations brought together into one.

We help produce results.


The Challenge

Key to the successful delivery of this project was to ensure that all of the residents from each of the previous housing associations could easily find information pertinent to them and log on to the separate portals that each housing association ran.

This was within a new responsive design in ten weeks and alongside a new branding exercise.



The Result

We successfully launched within the time-frame and delivered a new site that met the needs of all residents and stakeholders.

Key to the success was a postcode look-up facility that filtered content by user’s location. It also enabled users to be directed to the correct portal login automatically.

User testing is the key to success

Key benefits of the site include:

  • Integration with two customer portals
  • Fully responsive design – works on any device
  • Hiding the complexity from users of the restructure of 3 legacy organisations into a single entity. This was achieved via:
  • Extensive user testing and prototyping during build
  • Postcode lookup services

Time for a revamp

Stonewater gets a new look.


The Brief

Stonewater wanted more images across the site, a carousel added for notices and a more on brand palette to visually improve the whole website. They also wanted the ‘My Home’ button to be more prominent.

Then they request a hot topic session to resurface old content, an easy to use communication of how many homes had been handled to date and a streamlined navigation system. All of this was to improve the way Stonewater could communicate with their customers.


The Result

We integrated the visual changes to give the whole website a personal touch from Stonewater, as well as given a more colourful and friendly look.

We made the homepage a better hub for all the information the website had to offer, with more quicklinks to older pages. Also, a better self-service process, the website is now more user friendly.

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