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We have just finished and launched the website design and development for www.yesgrowth.com a new entrant into the b2b loans market for the SME business sector.

Nvisage specialise in website design and development for start-ups and Yes Growth is a typical client.  They have a great offering and a ready market but a new approach compared to existing providers. This required a bespoke approach to developing the website and an agile project management methodology as much of the approach is untested.

A key example is the online loans application process which, in part, integrates with the Experian web service to run an initial credit checking that contributes to the client’s credit rating. Much as Experian is one of the main providers of this service and is a massive business, their integration process has challenges with documentation and setup. It is a testament to the ability and experience of the Nvisage web development team that the service was eventually integrated seamlessly.

The loan application process is a bespoke development and is matched with an implementation of the Umbraco Content Management System (CMS) to enable YesGrowth to manage all promotional content on the site.

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