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Nvisage has recently relinquished its status as one of Ektron’s longest standing partners with more successful implementations of Ektron web projects than any other web development agency in Europe.

This is because we no longer favour the product as we feel that for the vast majority of situations it is too expensive, requires too much support and is not flexible enough. This has been our experience over the past few years and consequently we now develop on the Umbraco CMS which we feel is a far more cost-effective and robust solution.

That said, we still work upon a number of client sites run on Ektron and still have an excellent in-house developer resource. So if you are looking for a high quality and unbiased Ektron partner get in touch now to guarantee the success of your Ektron project.

What is the difference betwen NVisage and other Ektron developers?

The principle difference is that by not being a formal Ektron partner we are completely unbiased. This means that you get the truth about the suitability of the Ektron CMS platform rather than the patter of the Ektron Sales and Marketing team. We tell it straight, about what works and what doesn’t and whether the Ektron platform is indeed the best solution for you.

Other web developers will blithely tell you how well they know Ektron and can implement any of the controls, features and functionality within Ektron. Well that’s the easy bit.

Like any complex piece of software the developer obviously has to know their way around it and how to use it. That is a given. But when working with Nvisage you get a lot more. We have probably been working with Ektron for longer than any other web agency in the UK and as of today, have certainly implemented more websites with Ektron than anyone else in the UK. This means we know what works in the CMS400.net and more importantly what doesn’t (and we have had plenty of expereince of that…).

The CMS400.NET comes with a list of features as long as your arm, and as long as you want that feature to work in that way, well you don’t really need us. But if you want something to work the way you need it because, well that’s the way you do business then we are the web development agency for you.

And in our experience, what comes out of the box just isn’t good enough. We have the experience to know what shines and what is tarnished. We understand how to get the best from the CMS400.NET.

As far as the Ektron web platform goes, well some of it is good, some bad and some OK, and in that respect pretty much the same as most of content management systems. What makes the difference is having a web partner that knows how to leverage the most out of the software and how to integrate other systems into your web platform such as CRM systems, back office databases, SharePoint, ecommerce, etc.

Ektron CMS400.NET and SharePoint integration

As an example, Ektron claim to “integrate SharePoint” into Ektron. They can even show you a demo. If this is what you are looking for then I suggest you get your chosen Ektron “expert developer” to make it so.. Then come back to us, because we have made it so and what a lot of sweat and tears that took to make it from a possibility into something that actually works, saves the client time and adds value to their business. But that’s another story. If you’d like to hear it and also find out how we can make your website sing, please do get in touch with Clinton Porter on 07786 063781, call the office or drop us an enquiry.

I personally look forward to hearing from you .

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