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As established Brighton based umbraco website developers and designers, we have extensive experience in designing and developing umbraco websites for a range of clients across the private, public and not for profit sectors.

A typical commercial umbraco development – Dealogic

Dealogic is a software company providing information platforms to investment banks to help improve their performance. We were originally approached to tender for a SharePoint based website. However we believe this to be a poor choice for website content management and advised to develop upon an umbraco platform instead.

Why umbraco?

To start with the choices were limited to a net platform to enable the in-house IT team to maintain the site. At Nvisage, we have had experience of a wide range of .net CMS platforms from open source to proprietary and without doubt umbraco is the best choice. In fact, for any project that we are able to we will choose umbraco over other open-source or proprietary platforms of any programming language.

Umbraco provides an excellent framework for developing sites on with few barriers or limitations. Other developers of open source platforms such as WordPress or Joomla may dismiss it as not having enough ready made modules. However, this is not a disadvantage as the modules that are available are of a high quality and being .net you have access to a vast array of professional libraries and components.

Yes it can be true that you can develop a site quicker and cheaper with an alternative CMS with ready made components but this in itself has its own problems. the ease of doing this leads many developers with weak skills to be able to overstate their abilities, whereas umbraco tends to be developed by a more professional strand of developer. Purely because more knowledge is required to create the finished product.

And that’s where we come in

Nvisage are a full service Brighton based web agency and have been professional website developers in microsoft technologies since 1997. More recently, after many other development pathways such as being the UK’s leading Ektron developer for many years; we have chosen to base our mid-high range website development on umbraco. Our clients love its ease of use and our developers love its flexibility and scalability. We have developed a wide range of professional websites on umbraco including Dealogic, Waterloo Group, Waterloo Homes and The Curo Group.

How can we help you?

If you have an umbraco site or are thinking of developing in umbraco we would be happy to have a no obligation chat over the phone or face to face. Give us a call on 0845 094 3331 or email Clinton Porter today.


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