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If you are an estate agency looking for  a highly experienced web development and design company to help make your website fly, then look no further. We are specialists in working with the leading estate agency software vebra and integrating it effectively into websites.

Rather than stick with the frame based "out of the box" vebra solution, you can keep all of the functionality that vebra provides but provide a much more engaging experience for your web visitors by making your properties look much better and providing a much more seamless search experience.

vebra and web marketing

One of the key failings of the "out of the box" approach of using the vebra content is that all of the content is presented in a single frame in your website. This is disastrous for search engine optimisation and pretty appalling for usability. Google does not like frames and cannot index all of the results, what's more it restricts the user from bookmarking properties and other sites cannot link effectively.

There is an alternative though, and that is to free vebra from the constraints that come with it. Instead of using the data as vebra provide it to your website it is much better to use the feed instead. This frees the web developer to use this data as just that and not compromise the look of how it is presented. It also means you have an individual page per property which can be well indexed under all of those niche phrases that your prospective customers love...

We'd love to chat to you if you are using the vebra estate agency software and want to get more out of it and get more leads from your website.

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