An integrated approach to social network marketing

Social marketing means many things to many people and with the growth of blogging, Twitter, facebook, LinkedIn etc, there is a move to exploit these for commercial gain. However, it is is not as simple as setting up a facebook profile and waiting for the good times to roll. Facebook is not necessarily right for every business and you need to have an integrated strategy to understand how any of these tools can work for you. We can help you.

How we can make social networking work for you.

Every business will have different needs, because their customers will also have different needs. Some audiences will not respond to joining a facebook group but are happy to be alerted by tweets or will read a blog. We can help by identifying the right approach for your business and your customers. In particular, we can help identify which tools to use to better engage with your audiences and whether they are on-site, off-site or a mixture. Often engaging with your customers on your site can be very powerful and you can create compelling advocates out of your existing customers.

We can advise on:

  • what to tweet, how to maximise exposure in Google and how to build a following
  • how to use blogs to improve search results
  • how and why people engage with businesses on facebook
  • how to benefit from user generated content on your site and make your customers your sales people…

And don’t forget…

Don’t try and just connect with your audiences off your site. Customer reviews, comments, opinions, feedback and discussions can be incredibly powerful ways to improve search rankings and conversions on your site. Good social networking is about connecting and engaging with your audiences where they congregate and using their enthusiasm to spread the message of your business.