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It is now said that 4 out of 5 people now shop on their mobile device, which works out at 80% of consumers and is on the increase!

Responsive websites statistic

Responsive websites statistic

On the train, at home, on your lunch break… consumers pick up their mobile/tablet and browse the World Wide Web. 1 in 3 children in the United Kingdom can call a tablet theirs.

A survey carried out by Google gave the statistic of 49% of people said a website did not function well on their mobile, therefore they felt as if the company/business did not care about their experience.

66% of consumers are believed to go through with a transaction on a website that is responsive rather than a non-responsive website.

Have you experienced the feeling of frustration when visiting a non-responsive website? Scrolling from left to right, zooming in/out and images not loading?

If you think your audience visits your site not just on a computer but also on the move, then get in touch and have a chat with our commercial director Clinton Porter.

Responsive websites adjust accordingly to what size screen you are using, making browsing the web a stress-free experience.

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