Starting out with a social media strategy – step 1

Social media is now seen as a must have online marketing tool, but there is a lot of misplaced enthusiasm about it. Just randomly tweeting or having a facebook page  won’t help you very much. You need to really understand how facebook and twitter will help your audience and why they will either “follow” you or engage with you on facebook.

Instant social marketing with business benefits

I’ll deal with facebook in another post, but for now I want to give you an instance guide to benefiting your business with social media tools.

  1. start with a good understanding of how your users find your services or products and the key phrases they use to find them. This involves key word research which you can do yourself or get a reputable search engine optimisation company to undertake this for you.
  2. start blogging with WordPress – Google loves WordPress – in principle, posts get indexed quicker and higher than pages from your site.* Blog about useful topics that your targeted audience is interested in and optimise your posts for your specific key phrases identified above. Include a link(s) in your copy under your key phrases to your main content
  3. tweet about the blog post using the key phrase and include a link to your blog post

The TAKEAWAY from this is that you create a piece of copy once that is targeted towards your audience and promote several times. so write good copy on your site about how your services and products benefit your target market, blog about it then tweet about the blog.

*To get the most benefit from a WordPress blog, you need this to be on your website as a folder and not under a separate domain or a sub-domain. The reason being is that all the google benefit you accrue from your blog is then passed to your site as a whole and vice versa.