Our ideas

132,000 Google pages indexed in 24 hours…..

We are proud to have recently designed and launched the website for the new global think tank based in Hong Kong, the Fung Global Institute. Due to the high profile launch and international papers such as the New York Times publicising the launch online, the site was indexed and had an unprecedented 132,000 references on Google 24 hours after launch…


The Fung Global Institute is a new think tank created in Hong Kong to reflect upon and develop key issues surrounding Chinese and global economic growth and key economic factors influencing business within South East Asia. The website is a key communication tool to deliver content to a global audience.

The requirements

The requirements were to enable a wide range of content types to be easily managed and presented on-line from a wide range of sources. Key deliverables were to create a high quality platform to reflect the prestige of the new organisation and to enable all related content to be linked together easily through tagging.

What we’ve achieved

We have created a high quality website which is easy for the client to update and has excellent features to help the visitor to get the most from the content. The site has a high visual impact with plenty of space for the content to “breathe”. Features such as the News Carousel, embedded video and related content all work together to give a more fulfilling experience to the visitor.

The outcome

The launch of the site generated excellent coverage in international media outlets such as The New York Times and Bloomberg.

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