Our ideas

This post is to achieve a couple of things based upon residential interior designers in London:

  1. as an exercise to demonstrate search engine optimisation in progress
  2. to help my very good friend Diego Correa who happens to be one of London’s top residiential interior designers

Interior design or interior designer?

Firstly a quick primer on key words. Choosing the right key phrases is imperative to search engine success. And the “right words” are those that match both what you are selling and what your target audiences are using in search engines to find you.

In helping Diego with his London based interior design business, it provides an excellent opportunity to illustrate what the right words are. Using the keyword tool Wordtracker you can easily see what derivatives of phrases people have used to search around your subject.

In his case the most searched for phrase is “interior design london” with 149 recorded searches and 40 competitors. However, what you need to do is to first look at the motivation of the people using this phrase. Someone using this search phrase could be doing so for all manner of reasons with looking for an actual London interior designer potentially way down the list.

The next most appropriate phrase is “interior designer London”. So now these people are looking for someone who can design interiors and in London. But are they going to want Diego? Well looking at the derivatives, the phrases cover residential, home, commercial and even airport. So we need to filter further so that we position Diego in front of his ideal customer whilst reducing his competition for those key words.

So whilst “residential interior designer London” is good because it has 51 searches and only 10 competitors, Diego could also focus further and use supporting phrases such as “contemporary interior design London” (46/15); “home interior design London” (41/20); “interior design consultant London” (34/10); or “modern interior design consultant London” (11/5).

From here on you start to get into the laws of diminishing returns with equal competitors for fewer eyeballs.

N.B. In my experience the figures for viewers and competitors are not necessarily entirely accurate but do act as a pretty good comparative benchmark.

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