East Midlands Housing Group

9 websites built on an Umbraco multi-site platform

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Working for a leading housing association

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A successful multi-site project

It is a great example of how we have refined and polished the Umbraco CMS system to the needs of housing associations especially as this example used the multi-site capabilities of Umbraco to such good effect. We built 5 websites for the main group and 4 for the rural housing associations.

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Workshops, user-testing & feedback sessions

Meeting stakeholders needs

We ran an extensive discovery phase with the client including resident workshops, user testing and feedback sessions which helped refine our prototypes and polish the solution before we went into the production phase.

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The Results

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Launching on time and on budget

We successfully launched within the timeframe and delivered a new site and intranet that met the needs of all residents and stakeholders. We audited the existing content and developed an optimal Information Architecture.

Wireframing & prototyping as tools for success

Optimal information architecture

This was used to create the wireframe prototype to ensure all of the user journeys and stakeholder requirements could be mapped and delivered.

The result is a site which communicates well to its audience and is easy to use by its editors

Wireframing and prototyping
Designer wireframing a mobile App on wooden desk