Spanish Marks

A new start up Spanish language school with a unique offering

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A platform with three integrated functions

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Young African student in headphones sitting in front of laptop with teacher on screen and making notes during online lesson
Integrating the right technology for the business

The requirement was for a site with three parts; a marketing website to promote the service; an e-commerce element to purchase lessons in an ad-hoc manner or a block booking or a scheduled group booking and a private lesson area for the lessons to be accessed and developed online.

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Connecting students with teachers overseas

One to one teaching across the globe

Spanish Marks are based in the UK, targeting the UK audience to learn Spanish with an online one-to-one real-time teacher. However, the teachers are all based in Guatemala..

We integrated the website with Moodle, the leading on-line lesson software. We also integrated a video conference tool to handle the direct real-time interfacing between the client and the student. 

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