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How Do I Keep Probate Costs Down?

Probate law can be a minefield to try to tread through at a difficult and sad time. It can also prove to be highly expensive process. However, one way to be reassured is to put yourself in the hands of a low cost fixed rate probate solicitor.

There are experienced probate solicitor firms, such as Probaters that offer a fixed fee service which provides the best value, along with the knowledge that there are no hidden surprise costs. There will be no hourly rates charged which leaves you free to talk and discuss everything you need to with your solicitor, without the worry of clocking up a huge bill.

There will be plenty to talk about as the probate process is, in general, is a lengthy process, starting with the appointment of an executor who will work through 3 main stages:

• Collection of all the necessary information

• Completion of statutory tax returns

• Collection of any assets, payment of any outstanding debts and finally the distribution of any remaining estate.

This is extremely time consuming and therefore using a fixed fee solicitor undoubtedly offers the best value, peace of mind solution.

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