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We are really pleased to announce that we have just launched the new ecommerce site for the RSPCA selling virtual gifts. The system is based upon the Magento ecommerce platform and to keep costs down the client chose a ready made design template to use.

New RSPCA magento ecommerce site

The site is a major part of the RSPCA fund-raising efforts and sells virtual or real cards along with a fixed price donation which goes to a specific part of the RSPCA’s work such as:

As well as the cards and virtual gifts you can also by physical items such as chocolates and add them to your shopping cart.

The site is updated daily by an XML feed from the third party fulfillment house to ensure all stock is displayed on the site at accurate levels. Sales are fed back to the fulfillment house via another XML feed which provides all of the fullfilment information and allows each card to be printed on demand.

If you are interested in a magento ecommerce solution or a charity based virtual gift solution, then please get in touch with Clinton Porter.

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