Our ideas

The key thing to remember when defining a brand is not just to focus upon creating a design and tagline. you need firstly to consider the two fundamentals of any brand, i.e. POSITIONING  and PROMOTION.

To meet these requirements you need to identify what fundamental issues you are resolving for your prospective audience and in particular why they would go to you when they may (or may not) be happy with their incumbent service providers. So to do this we must SEGMENT your audiences. You need to answer the following questions about positioning:

1.    What are the broad audience categories you are targeting (by size, by vertical, by specific need)?
2.    What are their fundamental needs, what is going to make them feel good about your service you can offer?
3.    who is currently providing the service to them?
4.    what can you offer them as a fundamental benefit over and above these incumbents?

You also need to think about promotion. How are you going to promote and market the service? What mediums are your audiences going to most readily respond to? This is the holy grail, and you are unlikely to get it right to begin with so you need to undertake a series of test marketing campaigns to identify the optimum mediums to get high level engagement with your prospects and then to convert them.

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