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Choosing a good web design company or agency that meets the needs of your business can often be a difficult process and fraught with pitfalls. There are however some simple rules:

  1. Look for a web design company that has designed sites that you like
  2. Look for a web design company that has designed sites for similarly sized businesses to you
  3. Look for a web design company that you can communicate effectively with and will work in partnership with you
  4. Make sure you choose a company that specialises in web design and not a generic print design company that does some websites - it involves different skills and knowledge to create a website design compared to printed material.
  5. Have a good idea of what you want. A good web design agency can help you develop and nurture ideas but they can't be mind readers and "feature creep" does no-one any good.

And some things not to worry about:

  1. In general, it doesn't matter that your chosen web design agency hasn't worked in your sector as long as you can have a good rapport with them.
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