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The Fung Global Institute website has been awarded the Outstanding Achievement Award from the Interactive Media Council, Inc. (IMC)! Designed and built here at Nvisage, we are very proud to be a part of receive this award in response to all our hard work.

Fung Global Institute and Nvisage INC award

Fung Global Institute and Nvisage INC award

View the award online at the Interactive Media Awards website.


What does this award mean?

According to the IMA, our website has excelled in all areas of their judging criteria and represents a very high standard of planning, execution and overall professionalism.


FGI Website scores are as follows (from 0-100):
Design: 93
Content: 98
Feature Functionality: 99
Usability: 92
Standards Compliance & Cross-Browser Compatibility: 87

Fung Global Institute website

The Fung Global Institute website

Visit the Fung Global Institute website www.fungglobalinstitute.org

The IMC is a nonprofit organization dedicated to elevating the standards of excellence on the Internet. The awards are all judged by distinguished professionals in the areas of web design, advertising, public relations, publishing, news and other industries.


So we are pretty chuffed here at the Nvisage HQ, clap clap clap!

For any enquiries please contact us: http://bit.ly/OCewWa

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