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Nvisage is an innovative ecommerce website design companyfocusing specifically on the SME sector, i.e. businesses that range from start-ups through to those turning over about £50m pa.

ecommerce design development and hosting

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Full service ecommerce web design and ecommerce hosting

Whilst we are a full service ecommerce web design, development, marketing and hosting company, we are genuinly different to most other ecommerce website design companies. We do not take a one size fits all approach and offer a truly tailored solution which takes into account our client’s specific needs based upon:

Our ecommerce web design process

The design process strangely does not start with design. It is broken into the following phases:

Discovery Phase

The Discovery Phase is where we get to know about your aims, your business, your customers and how we go about the process of aligning what you have to sell with what your customers want to buy, even if they don’t know it yet.. We look at:

Wireframing and Prototyping Phase


A wireframe is the blueprint for a website and is a high effective process in order to ensure your site thoroughly meets the needs of your audiences and aligns with your business needs. this is achieved through HTML prototyping without applying the design. The core benefits are:

a)   The site is always focused upon core business objectives and desirable outcomes
b)   Consequently you focus much more upon the visitor types and what they need to achieve
c)   This makes for a far more effective user centred site with a greater conversion rate*
d)   You can see all of the different templates in the final site
e)   You can get a good understanding of how the content relates to the site
f)    You get to be able to amend the site much more quickly and efficiently than with finished design
g)   You focus upon the visitor and what they need from the site rather than design
h)   You can see how the pages interact with each other

Graphical Design Phase

Implementation and Programming Phase

QA and UAT Phase

Go live

Support and Maintenance

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