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Wednesday 24th March 2010 was the second annual Ada Lovelace Day, a day to celebrate and dwell on the significance and contribution of women within technology.

Here Dru Moore our Technical Director takes the opportunity to reflect on the wonderful work being done at Nvisage by our own team of ‘Ada’s.

We’re very lucky, and sadly still quite rare in this industry, to have a pretty much even split of genders across all aspects of our company – from board level, through project management, business analysis, visual design, sales and marketing and ultimately right down to the code level. So here’s my personal thank you for another year’s involvement from:

There are of course countless others whose work with or for us is equally important but I wanted to focus on the women who enrich my work life on a daily basis.  And for those that are interested, my own personal heroine would have to be Delia Derbyshire a true pioneer of electronic music.

Thank you all.

Dru Moore (Technical Director)

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