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In case you missed it, Back in May 2009 Anita Campbell published ‘137 Twitter Tips: How Small Businesses Get the Most from Twitter’, based on input from the readers of Small Business Trends.

Over the course of several weeks, Small Business Trends asked readers to answer one of the following 6 questions:
•    Getting Started: How would you suggest other small businesses get started on Twitter?
•    Smart Marketing: What’s the right way (or wrong way) to promote your business on Twitter?
•    Observing Etiquette: What is your #1 Twitter etiquette tip for small business owners?
•    Spreading Your Message: What is your best tip for getting re-tweeted?
•    Time Management: How do you manage your time on Twitter?
•    Advanced Strategies: What is your best kept secret (something not widely known) for using Twitter in business?
Tips were accepted via email, Twitter and in comments to the original post. Responses were then compiled into one downloadable document, which provides a plethora of Twitter tips for marketers seeking to increase their brand awareness, credibility and business results using the powerful medium of Twitter.

You can view or share this document here.

Source: Anita Campbell:  http://smallbiztrends.com

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