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Grants to help your business

There is an EU fund available in the SE of England which offers 40% matched funding on eligible projects. We can identify if you are eligible and guide you through the process. If you are an eligible business there is a high chance of success and the process from start to the decision being made should take less than a month.


Eligible projects for funding support

The optimal projects for this funding grant are digital projects that do not exist. Whilst the grant can cover a website it cannot be solely for this, the bulk of the project is for a digital project that is not readily available that helps your business grow

How can I access this grant for my business

As a supplier to your project we have a 100% success rate in access this grant for our clients

How much will it cost me?

Not a penny. 100% of the grant goes to your business to pay for the project.

Who will undertake the work?

As a very high quality full service agency with many successful technical websites under our belt delivered in a cost effective way we would undertake the project as part of our support with the application process. We have undertaken dozens of successful projects for start-ups, small businesses, public sector and not for profit organisations.

What do I do now?

Simply contact Clinton Porter, our Head of Digital Strategy for an initial chat to check suitability of your business and project and we will then help with the application subject to an initial evaluation and agreement to undertake the project.

Call Clinton today on: 0845 094 3331 

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