Channel shift in the social housing sector

Channel shift is recognised as being the movement from high cost customer transactions such as face to face and call centres to lower cost automated systems such as self-service on the web, automatic voice recognition systems, SMS on mobile phones and interactive television.

Nvisage are specialists in channel shift and have extensive experience of working with a range of private, public and not for profit organisations to achieve savings using more efficient and effective on-live self-service processes.

Key to effective channel shift is to understand:

  1. the profile of your audience and what tools they are likely to use
  2. where you can generate most benefit from a shift

Example of channel shift in social housing

We work extensively across the social housing sector with a range of organisation types to help them migrate their services online and to  create channel shift strategies. An example is Moat who run over 20,000 homes across the South East of England. The strategy here is to focus upon making progress with the few things that can make the biggest difference.

Rather than implement a wide range of major changes Moat understand that the key to a successful channel shift strategy is to focus upon a narrow area, get this right and build upon it. They have identified that their key high contact case load is always around paying rent and reporting repairs. Read the on-going channel shift case study here.

To find out more about Channel Shift and how you can use your digital assets to work harder for you contact us for more information.