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The biggest problem for a web designer is how to make their lovely design that looks fabulous on a 22″ desktop monitor look equally as good on a smaller screen laptop, 10.1 tablet in landscape, small tablet in portrait or smartphone.

Card design attempts to reconcile these issues by breaking the website into different components that need to be on a given page instead of having a fixed template or page. Some CMS’s such as WordPress have adapted to this approach quite well with the website being created by frameworks rather than fixed designs. This has been developed to take advantage of the responsive design process and frameworks and to deliver an optimum design experience for each viewing device. The cards allow content to be componentised and arranged depending upon the viewers screen resolution.

Examples of big name users of this approach include Google, Pinterest and Spotify

Cards break the content into different components which can be arranged depending on the users screen resolution. With big names using cards such as: Google, Pinterest and Spotify.

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