Our ideas

Our Ektron CMS hosting solution

As well as being one of the most experienced specialist Ektron CMS developers in Europe and a full service digital agency we also offer a highly resilient and fully managed Ektron CMS hosting service.

Our solution

We lease our own web servers from Rackspace in the UK who provide us with a completely managed service in their highly resilient UK-based data centre. We provided a variety of solutions from shared hosting on highly resilient servers to multiple server setups. Our dedicated Ektron hosting solutions offer the following key benefits:

A high degree of resilience from multiple duplication of points of failure i.e.:

  1. RAID 5 configuration with 3 mirrored hard drives, hot swappable in the event of failure
  2. Fully duplicated data centre facilities such as energy supply, cooling, internet access etc

A high degree of security i.e.:

  1. Dedicated hardware firewalls
  2. Fully patch maintained operating system
  3. Fully updated and patch maintained CMS and software
  4. Fully managed anti-virus application

A high degree of backup i.e.:

  1. Daily Veritas backup, which is the most effective form of backup for rapid re-deployment
  2. Unlimited server backup space

The Result

In the ten years we have maintained, developed and hosted the 50+ Ektron websites we have developed we have consistently maintained a highly reliable and resilient platform for our Ektron hosted solution.

If you want to benefit from a fully managed Ektron hosting solution and some of the most experienced Ektron developers in Europe then call Clinton Porter now on 0845 094 3331 or contact us to discuss your requirements

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