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On Google Twitter agreement

Google has recently announced on their official blog an agreement to “include their updates in our search results”. This comes just after Microsoft’s Bing adding a beta search for Twitter only. This confirms that both engines move forward and emphasise real time search results.
It seems to me like a natural progression, Google started by getting closer to the timeline search. Early on, Google released two search functionalities:

Google news (September 2002)

Google News

and Google blog search (September 2005)

Both of which both show date next to the information displayed – see in yellow:

Google Blog Search

In May 2006 Google launched Google trends which allows you to see search evolution through time period:

Google trends

The Mountain View Company went further in August 2008 when it released Insight for Search which allows comparing searches by time ranges and filtering them through type of search, location and category.

Google Insights for Search

Lately, in April 2009, Google labs announced Google news timeline which has an interesting calendar view of the results.

Google News timeline

There is only a small difference between a daily search and a real time search, Google and Bing have decided to dive in. It shows their will to give more importance to the opinion of internet users: many individuals’ uses Twitter.
They will have a bit more influence against authoritative sources (online newspaper, influential blogger).

The big challenge for the search engine doesn’t really come from the amount of data to crawl, both search engine have enough resources to do the job, the “tour de force” is to be able to return relevant search results.

How to evaluate the importance of a tweet? In an interesting article from ReadWriteWeb, 3 start-ups leaders working on real time search discuss the challenge behind it.

Google sees Twitter as a good indicator for trends and freshness of the content; I would consider using it more often, linking to your latest news or blog post if you want to rank better for real time search.

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