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SEO, PPC, analytics, conversion, whatever the marketing buzzword, the only thing that counts when marketing a website is the result. That’s why at Nvisage we look at marketing your site in a holistic way.

Developing a growth marketing strategy

The phases to developing a growth strategy are:

  1. define the successful outcomes
  2. identify what the website needs to deliver in order to achieve this
  3. identify what you need to track and report upon to meet this outcome
  4. identify the steps to deliver more targeted traffic

Initial Questions to ask to develop a growth strategy:

  1. what are you looking to achieve?
  2. what constitutes a successful outcome?
  3. who are you targeting?
  4. how can you meet their needs?

Defining success

Before we can help you we need to understand what success looks like for you. This can be as simple as:

I want 10 new leads per month

I want 2 new clients per month


Delivering Growth

Delivering growth can be fundamentally split into two parts:

  1. driving more targeted traffic to your site
  2. analysing what works and what needs improving

Driving more targeted traffic to your site

To be successful at driving targeted traffic to your site you need to:

This is the point at which a well planned digital marketing strategy will contribute significantly to the overall growth.

Effective site analysis

We need to establish detailed site analytics in order to fully understand, how people are arriving at the site, what works and what needs improving. There is little point in spending a lot of time driving traffic if the site does not meet their needs and they promptly leave. We need to encourage them to stay and engage with you whether through telephone, email, signing up to regular alerts or giving details to download content.

If you would like to speak to Nvisage, please get in touch with our Commercial Director Clinton Porter through email or by phone on 0845 094 3331.

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