How to create a search engine optimisation strategy

Creating a search engine optimisation strategy is not difficult if you follow some straight forward rules.

1. Identify your optimal key phrases based upon:

Relevant search phrase to your business
Commerciality  – those phrases used by people ready to buy and not tyre kickers

Competition – be aware that the more competition there is for a phrase I.e. the more of your competitors are also optimising for a particular phrase the harder it will be to rank well for it.

2. Implementation

Treat every page like the first one to a new visitor. As your search rankings increase for a variety of phrases more visitors will reach your site for the first time through one of your content pages. Make sure you treat them like you would meeting a prospect for the first time.

Every page should sell to a specific person and meet their needs. They came to your site using a particular search phrase so don’t disappoint them. Write in a way that they can identify with and that meets their needs. Then provide a strong call to action e.g. “to get the kitchen you always dreamed of call our friendly help team now”.

Implement your key phrases in the important parts of your page to allow search engines to find and index your pages. This includes:

The title tag
The meta description
The page heading
The page content
Links from other pages and sites
The name of pictures on the page

Links – it’s not what you know

Well it is really but that only counts once your targeted visitors are on your site. To get them there links from other sites to your pages are very important. These links should ideally have the following attributes:

Be from a related site
Be from a “real” site
Have your link phrase in the link text not just your company name
Link to the specific page that is optimised for that phrase and NOT your home page


Without good data about your user behaviour you are blind and do not know what is working, what isn’t and where to put your resources. Ensure you have Google analytics installed and set up to report effectively to you

And if you need any more help them please call Nvisage. Good luck.