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Sometimes keeping up your energy (especially if your working in an office environment) can be difficult. I am generally a positive and energetic person, but we all have days where running around like a blue a***d fly takes it’s toll and we crash.

Yesterday, I had one of those days.

I thought it would be good to write a short blog on ways I have learnt to lift my mood when I become aware I’m on a slippery slope; preventing an almighty crash and burn with a week off ill, and a mouth raging with ulcers.

I often burn the candle at both ends trying to squeeze everything in, weeks go by and I end up with my brain feeling like a giant marshmallow. You can find yourself feeling like you’re in a tube miles down with a never-ending amount of tasks that need to get done.

Whatever these tasks are small or large, work, children, hobbies, friends, family, cooking, cleaning, washing, homework, voluntary work, sometimes the list is endless… but you feel the overwhelming need to complete everything.

My advice

Smile more
Its much nicer looking at smiling people. (Obviously this isn’t always possible but it’s good to try).

Write a list – and check it. Cross off things when they are done.
When the list gets too long with crossed off items, rewrite the new list on fresh paper. Prioritise – it’s ok to rearrange the list.

Go to sleep
If you feel really tired one day, it’s simple – go to bed early. Even if it’s just once a month it makes a big difference the next day.

Don’t forget to eat. Cook yourself something that will give you lots of energy. Who cares if it has lots of calories, if it makes you feel good emotionally then surely that’s a good thing.

Take some time to show yourself some love (I’m mainly talking to the girls here). I’m usually rushing out the house without making my hair perfect (sometimes without brushing), but on the odd occasion I spend an evening curling my hair and doing my nails. It makes you feel better and more confident.

Wear a fun hair piece
Even if you don’t feel your best, by wearing a bow, flower or miniature hat in your hair, it will make you smile when you look in the mirror and also others looking at you.

A short run to the office kitchen, or skip/bounce into the office will make you feel more alive but also make everyone else feel better too. You might feel stupid but it works so my advice again would be ‘who cares’. (Just try not to make people jump, and I advise not to do this in meetings).

Compliment people
(Only if you mean it). It makes them feel good, and will therefore make you feel good too.

Decorate your desk
You don’t need to go nuts with this, but even one little thing might make you feel more at home. (I have a rock I found on the beach on mine).

Hat hairclip and desk pebble

My hat hairclip and desk pebble.

If you apply these techniques you will find it much easier to get all your tasks done and also get the most out of your work. So, enjoy your day and have fun too!

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