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Ektron is one of the most widely used content management systems (CMS) but few developers have in-depth knowledge of how to get the most from it. That’s where we come in – we were one of the first adopters of Ektron in the UK and consequently have a wealth of experience of all versions and features of the Ektron products from the last 7 years. As one of only 3 Gold partners in Britain We have more experience than any other UK developer and as such invest a lot of time in getting new members of the team up to speed with the how to use Ektron and get the most from out of it.

True to our word, two of our recent recruits Rachel and Justin have just returned from a four day Ektron Developer training Course and are now both certified Ektron CMS400.NET V8 Developer’s – Congratulations to both of you!!

In what follows, Justin summarises how his week went and what he feels he has got out of the course:

With a background in programming bespoke applications, I approached the training keen to understand NVisage’s drive behind their partnership with Ektron and it wasn’t long before this became increasingly clear.   V8 offers an impressive wealth of content management and web 2.0 functionality and makes light work of implementing website fundamentals such as taxonomy and URL aliasing.  There’s little that Ektron doesn’t already do, and for that, there’s its comprehensive API – the possibilities are endless. I’m really looking forward to putting this training to use and can’t wait to get cracking!

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