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This blog is an example of how to optimise for a small business website. In this case a London based interior designer. Of course it could be any business website the steps are the same.

The first step is to identify how people are finding the services and products you offer. Two key tools for this are Wordtracker and the Google adwords research tool. By using these tools you can identify the popularity and the competitiveness of phrases that a businesses customer’s are using to find those services that the business offers.

In the case of this example Mil Ce Associates a newly established interior design studio in London, key phrases for them would include: residential interior designer London, commercial interior designer London  etc.

However, these are quite competitive phrases so to get early results you should look at what your niche phrases are and focus on those. In this case the business has a unique product which is a fixed price London interior design service which, for example, can deliver a complete design package for a room for £500.

By focusing upon the niche phrases you will gain two advantages:

  1. you will get results in Google quicker as there is less competition
  2. your traffic will be much more targeted as these phrases being more niche, are closer to the peak of the buying pyramid
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