PPC management Google Adword management

It is very easy to set up a Google adword (PPC) campaign, and Google is very adept at getting you to part with your cash. However the real art to setting up an effective PC campaign is in getting the maximum conversion for the minimum cost. To run an effective Pay Per Click campaign you need to look at the following aspects:

Ad copy

Ad copy is one of the single most important aspects to running an effective adwords campaign, poor ads produce poor results. It is essential to create effective compelling and succinct ad copy targeted at the specific people you want to engage with. Key methods of creating good add copy include:

  • Push the benefits not the features: A common mistake and easily done, but push the key benefits, what it does for someone not how it does it
  • Grabbing  attention: Include your keywords in the ad copy, particularly in the title line. But make sure it makes sense
  • Appeal to an emotion: People buy on emotion and much more so than they are willing to admit to
  • Appeal on quality and/or price: but only appeal on price if you can be the cheapest otherwise appeal on Best service, best guarantee etc.
  • Include a call to action: Asking readers to do something now is especially effective when combined with an urgent price appeal, such as ‘See us Right Now for 10% Off’, or ‘See Us Now for Limited Offer’.
  • Capitalise important words: Did you notice that the examples I’ve used here use an upper case letter to start each word? This may not be great English, but it tends to be the best way to go within a Google ad.