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It is very difficult in trying to evaluate content management systems without direct expereince of the CMS’s under review. We are fortunate in having used the Ektron CMS400.net family since its launch and prior to that all the way back to the original CMS100 eight years ago.

In this article I wish to focus upon a particular piece of very useful functionality that Ektron have recently launched, the PageBuilder.

Ektron PageBuilder

As the name may suggest, PageBuilder is a tool that enables a CMS author to build effective Web pages via the Ektron CMS, it allows non-technical users a simple way to build rich and fully-featured Web pages. It additionally provides a simple way to reuse and share common content and functionality from one page to the other. The Pagebuilder paradigm provides the end user with a series of page layouts that have ‘Dropzones’ incorporated into them. These Dropzones are areas where cms content ‘Widgets’ maybe dropped into from a list of existing cms content. This creates the user experience on the page while maintaining a consistent ‘look and feel’ with targeted and effective content across the site.

screenshot of the Ektron CMS400.net vn8.0 page builder functionality

screenshot of the Ektron CMS400.net vn8.0 page builder functionality

Approvers can preview PageBuilder pages before they go live. Additionally, pages maybe cloned and then modified using Dropzones to maintain look and feel across campaigns.

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