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We are starting from the position of being a long-time Ektron partner and developer for the past 8 years. In fact we’ve probably installed more quality versions of Ektron than anyone else in Europe and have a fantastically qualified Ektron developer team. However, that does not mean we rest on our laurels and blindly recommend the Ektron CMS for every project. In order for us to be fully confident about its abilities and whether it is the right product for any given project we need to constantly be aware of and evaluate other competitor content management systems in the marketplace.

For a recent pitch we undertook, the specified CMS in the original High Level Design Document was Episerver which they wanted  a deep integration with their CRM and box office system Tessitura.

In order to undertake a fair comparison of Ektron CMS400.net and Episerver, we installed a full version of Episerver and ran a full series of tests and evaluations. In this case we felt that the client would get a better integration with Tessitura and a more fully featured website that met their initial specification using Ektron CMS400.net rather than Episerver.

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