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2 weeks..

Hiya all , and the winner for first internet cafe stumbled upon is ……. weymouth !.

Almost two weeks after setting off we have managed to reach our fourth county ( if you include west sussex ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) , dorset when we arrived at weymouth, a busy holiday destination on a river estuary where we are currenty moored.

the quick story is so far . spent first night in shoreham after boat shakedown which highlighted a few problems. second night was in portsmouth as was the third, forth, and fifth due to bad weather !!!. then cowes, lymington , poole harbourร‚ย  and onto weymouth.

thats the locations so far, the happenings are more like this, bad weather, couple of scrapes and then mutiny but we are definately getting more with it as weร‚ย  get further down the coast and there is some fun being had as well;)..

sorry for no photos but have not got my camera on me at the moment ..

good luck all xx

3 weeks

currently holed up in fowey, cornwall waiting for a spare part for the engine to arrive which could be quite a lot worse to be frank as it is a nice place for two tired boys to chill out in a cosy b and b ;)..

we left weymouth a week ago and headed for brixham , devon, birthplace of no less than Dru Moore software evangelist but we missed it and ended up in torquay (which was a nice place to stay for a couple of days) after a grueling 14 hour sail. .

from there we went to dartmouth, devon, it was here that we had our first encounter with ‘the world’, a cruise liner where people lease apartments for a (25 or 50 year) period and then hop on and off whilst it cruises its namesake as it was parked nice to us on the river dart.

day after was dartmouth to salcombe also in Devon a lovely town build around a bay where the shower facilites we on a boat as were the taxis and fuel station. the only way to get to town was you guessed it by boat and luckily the people next to us lent us their tender motorised tender which saved us from having to blow up our seaside type play boat and row in . much hilarity ensued getting back from the pub AFTER we managed to find the boat which somehow had drifted away from where we left it ๐Ÿ™ .

i did not pass my homework assignment when leaving balcombe to head to newton ferres as we arrived there at low tide which meant that the approach would be too shallow, this was a problem as we would somehow have to kill two hours going around in cricles waiting for the flood to come ๐Ÿ™ . i sent a radio message to a nearby yacht asking them where they were going and they said that they were going to anchor up in a bay near plymouth that night . this was a dilemma as i had never anchored before ( stop your sniggering at the back please ) as had always considered this a risky business but i should not have worried as we had a great time . we parked the boat, blew up the afore-mentioned little rubber boat and rowed into town we was lovely and then spent the night under the stars being serenaded by battleships as they left plymouth sound.

day after we head for fowey, cornwall , a small town on a river where we are as a write this due to a problem with the boats electronics which i need a spare part to fix.

still no photos, sorry ๐Ÿ™

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