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16th November 2010
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23rd November 2010
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Writing copy for PPC (Google Adwords) campaigns

Writing copy for PPC campaignss needs to be carefully considered. There are two key areas that are crucial to success in a PPC or Google Adwords campaign.

Writing copy for PPC ads

Writing copy for PPC ads needs to be undertaken carefully. You need to consider the exact phrase speople will be using to search for your services or products and where they are in the decision making stages. If you encourage them to click on your add before they are ready to buy then you risk wasting a lot of your PPC budget, too late and you lose potential customers.

It’s important to identify a wide range of key phrases that are associated with your core audience and prioritise the phrases in terms of the decision making process. Then choose the phrases at the closest point to the actual decision making point. For instance, there can be little point paying poeple to comin to your site when they are reviewing products before having chosen which product to buy. Search engine optimisation would be a better option to pursue for this traffic.

Once you have identified your key phrases, it is important to bear the following points in mind:

  • include the key buying phrase in the ad copy
  • focus upon benefits and outcomes rather than features
  • include a positive call to action, a reason to click through on the ad

Writing copy for PPC landing pages

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