Our ideas

Links are actually quite simple, but can be seen as a dark art. The basic premise from Google is that if a site links to you then it is a vote of confidence in you. However not all links are created equal. So in principle:

We also advise three way linking where possible, where you get a link from site C but link to site B, who then links to site A…

But no links will harm and all should at least give a marginal degree of benefit.

Network Linking
Not necessarily a phrase in common parlance (yet) but something here at Nvisage we are very keen on. Put simply it means to link amongst people you know. Create a list of people you know who have websites. Usually smaller businesses are more likely to want to link with you especially if you are a supplier or buyer. Then, and this is the important bit, ensure the link is the phrase you want to do well for and link to the page that is optimised for the same phrase.

For example, Nvisage undertakes website design, web development and ecommerce development. So we would get a site to link to us under one of these phrases e.g. “web development” and get this link to go to our web development page.

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