FAQs on SEO (search Engine Optimisation)

We’ve compiled a few common questions and our responses to the FAQs of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

How do I gain page one rankings for our key areas of business?

1. Identify a broad range of 2, 3 and 4 word key phrases around your subject matter

2. Create a two pronged strategy of quick wins for the long tail results and a progressive strategy for the main key phrases by:

a. optimising all main pages for a range of the key phrases with concatenated phrases (phrases with key words plus supporting long-tail words) to allow quick wins for the longer phrases and gradual ranking increase for the more competitive phrase

b. focusing on:

i. Title tags for search engines

ii. Meta description to increase click throughs

iii. Effective page structure e.g. phrases in H1, H2 tags etc.

iv. Linking under key phrases throughout the pages

v. Review and advise upon copy writing on key pages

How do we ensure that our site ranks higher than our local competitors for key phrases?

1. Ensure you are effectively listed in Google places

2. Encourage clients to post reviews in Google places

3. Ensure you are listed in directories with a regional bias in directories that we know Google rates highly

Drive traffic to our blog and help to establish thought leadership for the authors

1. Provide strategy on how to write effectively for blogs targeting web traffic e.g.

2. Target key phrases as the article titles,

3. Link to pages on your site about these topics under your targeted key phrases

4. Link to other authority sites under your key phrases

5. Encourage other related blogs to link to you

How do I improve key page ranks?

1. All of the above will improve rankings and traffic. To improve further and consistently under a wide range of phrases we will generate targeted back links from other related high quality sites.

2. Create and post articles on related blogs

How do I keep my site up to date with latest SEO strategies?

Our Search Engine Optimisation team are always kept current by attending major SE seminars, and subscribes to paid SEM sites. We also test theories and develop our own strategies based upon what we know works. We also do not engage in poor quality techniques such as mass linking, articles publishing on low value sites, cloaking etc. This means you will not be penalised as Google develops and changes it algorithms. But by following their guidance you can only improve rankings as they de-value sites which have not been following their guidance.