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Topsail events is a Brighton-based event management company specialising in corporate and private events in London on boats. And not just any boats but the historic Thames barges in particular. They have the Unique Selling Point of being one of the few event companies able to get Tower Bridge to open on demand..

After mediocre benefit from previous SEO campaigns, they asked Nvisage to help them identify how to improve their Google rankings. The first rule that we follow is to look not just at a description of the services and products but what motivates potential customers to want the particular services.

In Topsail’s case, they had traditionally targeted and profited from the corporate entertainment market in London. However, given the reason drastic economic downturn and cut backs in corporate entertainment, Topsail was forced to focus more on the consumer end of the market. We therefore created a list of phrases that we identified as having broad appeal across their target markets. A selection of results for the 4 month campaign are as follows:

Main keywords combination ranking  
Keywords 7th May 4th Jan
Corporate hospitality Thames river 1st 3rd
Tall ship hire 2nd n/a
corporate sailing events 5th 10th
Thames dinner cruises 8th 17th
Wedding reception on Thames river 10th 83rd
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