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Websites need to be optimised (responsive) for smartphones and tablets for two very simple reasons:

  1. The amount of traffic to sites that is now on mobile devices
  2. Google penalises sites which are not responsive

Typically 30% of all page views are now undertaken on mobile devices. This rises to 50% + when pages are viewed from a link within an email such as an email newsletter. Self-evidently if someone cannot access the content on your site effectively on a mobile device they will not spend long trying.

The percentage use of specific devices are fluid and change each quarter so a responsive site is one that is agnostic towards platform and screen size. A well designed responsive site will deliver the best possible experience to the smartphone or tablet it is being viewed upon. 

The first benefit of this approach is that you will retain far more of the visitors that arrive at your site on a mobile device. The second is that you will gain value from Google. Google is now counting aspects of mobile delivery within a website as a part of its ranking algorithm. This is for the very simple reason that Google sees its future and the future of online advertising as mobile. 

A quick way to see the value that Google assigns to a site is to use the Google webmaster tools to view the “page speed insights” tool. When analysing a site to see how fast it is delivered Google displays the results from mobile before desktop. It also provides you with a score and the answer of how to fix the speed issue. 

Google wants your site to be delivered fast to ALL devices.  If you want your site to do well in Google search positions listen to Google…

What next?
Nvisage specialise in optimised websites for mobile and we would be happy to discuss how we can make your mobile visitors and Google happier with a responsive site. Take the first step and call our Digital Marketing Manager, Guillaume on 0845 094 3331.

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