A specialist housing association providing halls of residence for London university students


Visual Comms

UI Design

hexagon with laptop

Defining the objectives

Examining user needs

Delivering results

Talk to audiences

Understand needs

Test and re-test

Engage, engage, engage

We engaged extensively with the students in workshops and surveys, and recording their views, comments and testimonials on video. We also reached out to prospective tenants in sixth forms to understand what was important in looking for student accomodation


Visual Comms


Integrating a new brand

Recently we have undertaken a complete re-branding process for the organisation. Retaining core design elements where they work and adding and developing where needed. The new brand has become an evolution but increasing the presentation of their values and and position in their marketplace.

Mobile first

The audience has a young demographic and consequently the overwhelming use of it is on mobile devices. Therefore, from the start of the project we designed in mobile and worked backwards to the desktop version