Is your website mobile friendly?

Responsive design means you can talk to everyone, no matter which device they use to access the internet. There are two ways of creating mobile-friendly websites: using responsive design, or creating a separate mobile-friendly template.

Our Expertise

Responsive design

Responsive design allows a website to be viewed on a smaller screen such as that of a smartphone, mobile phone or tablet without changing its original design elements.

Check out the responsive design websites for our housing association clients Southern housing GroupWaterloo homesEMH Group and Curo. For best results view on a mobile phone, tablet or drag the right-hand edge of the browser to make the screen smaller.

Using a fully mobile responsive design on your website is the best way to future-proof your investment. Usage rates on mobile are now approaching, or for some clients exceeding 50% of all visitors to the site.

What we do

Mobile-friendly template

When it is more appropriate to reduce the amount of information to view the website on a mobile, we create an alternative design.

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